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Two New Documents for your Review in DropBox

Posted by Gail 
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Two New Documents for your Review in DropBox
June 11, 2010 06:08PM
We've posted two new documents for your review in the PHD Dropbox (http://www.dropbox.com) in the grantee folder. Both documents are in draft form; we plan to review both in our next call on Wednesday, June 30 at 11 am Central time. We encourage you to post questions and comments here both before and after our next meeting.
1. Project Briefing Books
As you know, we are planning to conduct site visits later in summer or early fall. These "books" originated as a way to help the NAC members who will be making the visits to effectively and efficiently learn about your project plans and progress. During their preparation, it has become clear that they can be useful for a variety of things, so plan to update them periodically.
The document posted in the dropbox is a "sample" which demonstrates the parts that will be populated here at the NPO and the items which will require your input.

2. PHD Timelines
At least for now, we plan to use excel for the timelines. The spreadsheet in the dropbox is composed of 6 worksheets - a "master" sheet and individual worksheets for each of the projects. The individual project sheets are linked to the master so that any changes made to your individual sheets will automatically be made to the master.
We built these timelines from those that we submitted either with your full proposal or your revised proposal. You'll note that they vary substantially in amount of detail as well as inclusion of timeframes.

So, we invite you to start the discussion of these documents here. All feedback is appreciated!