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Observations of Daily Living

Project HealthDesign has explored practical ways to capture and integrate patient-recorded observations of daily living (ODLs) into clinical care.

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Manatt Publishes Paper in Journal of Participatory Medicine, Going Digital with Patients: Managing Potential Liability Risks of Patient-Generated Electronic Health Information 
Posted on December 20, 2013

Patients are increasingly using new electronic tools such as personal health records and mobile applications to track details about their health, and sharing those details with their phsycians. However, some physicians are reluctant to receive digital data from patients due to professional liability concerns. In Project HealthDesign, clinical care teams tested the incorporation of patient-generated, digital information into clinical care. The research teams documented....Read More >>

Merck | Heritage Provider Network Innovation Challenge
Posted on October 17, 2013

Focusing on Improving Patient Health: Reimagining Solutions for Care Plan Adherence, the Challenge calls on innovators, entrepreneurs, reseachers, designers, and patients to submit concepts for solutions that enhance patient engagement and adherence to provider-recommended care plans, and ultimately that improve the quality of life for patients with hear disease and/or diabetes...Read More >>

Kaiser Permanente Research Position
Posted on September 3, 2013

Kaiser Permanente Division of Research just released a posting for an MD/PhD informatics lead. Please 
click here for details.

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Musings on the Value of Project HealthDesign from Regulatory and Assurance Counsel

by Deven McGraw

With this, my last Project HealthDesign blog post, I wanted to share, on behalf of myself and my colleagues at Manatt, some final thoughts about our experience as Project HealthDesign’s Regulatory and Assurance Counsel, providing assistance to… Read More »

Patti Brennan: We need new policies for a new era of patient-centered care

WendySwanberg, Project HealthDesign Communications Project Assistant

Last week, national program director Patti Brennan held a briefing in Washington, DC, to speak with policy makers about the many insights that have emerged from the work of Project HealthDesign. While it's nearly

 Read More »

Maintaining the Patient Perspective in Patient-Centered Outcomes

Sara Koliner, Policy Analysis Project Assistant, Project HealthDesign National Program Office

Last week, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) approved 51 awards as part of its second cycle of funding in support of the development of a National Patient-Centered Clinical… Read More »


Final Technical Report

A Standards-Based Model for the Sharing of Patient-Generated Health Information With Electronic Health Records
by Sujansky & Associates, LLC

This paper proposes a standards-based model to communicate data from patients’ personal health devices to providers’ EHRs in a manner that is feasible for both patients and providers...Patient-generated health information (PGHI) may comprise clinical parameters already familiar to medical providers (such as blood-glucose measurements or pain-scale observations), as well as “Observations of Daily Living” that are defined by patients and do not necessarily map directly to biomedical models of disease and illness (such as mood and sleep patterns).  The model defined here applies to the sharing of both types of PGHI....Read the Report »


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