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Living Profiles: Transmedia Personal Health Record Systems for Young Adults

Stanford University School of Medicine

Christy Sandborg, M.D.
Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
Team Biographies

What Was Accomplished

Play Visual StoryStanford University worked with the Art Center College of Design to develop a personal health application (PHA) to help adolescents with chronic illnesses transition from pediatric to the adult care system and assume greater responsibility for their health and their personal health information. The project team worked on an aggregate set of tools that gathers and integrates discrete data. By tapping into exhibited teen behavior such as texting, emotional connectivity through music and their social network, the tools seamlessly incorporate into their everyday world, improving communication with their caregivers. In testing the team’s vision of integrating data streams into graphical presentation the team prototyped the physician teen exchange, providing feedback to the teen about the relationship between their behavior and state of health. They built a customizable user interface consistent with Project HealthDesign specifications for observations of daily living and calendaring with data flows including mood, medication reminders and visual representations.

To download any of these documents, view the 2006-08 Teams' Artifacts page.

  • FLASH Programming - Programming for mood meter text reinterpretation

  • Project Description - Includes Statement of User Needs, User Interface Sketches, and Prototype Architecture

  • Source Code - For quality of life timeline in HTML

  • Video Scenario - Depicts the concept prototype with modules such as mood meter, reminder device, and teleport medicine

  • Source Code Back End and Common Platform Integration Files
Project HealthDesign is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation