NOTE: As of June 14, 2013, the Project HealthDesign website is now an archive and will not be updated regularly. Please feel free to use the site to learn about our work exploring the power and potential of personal health records. Direct any inquiries to
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Site Map

     Staff and Leadership
         Patricia Flatley Brennan
         Gail Casper
     National Advisory Committee
         National Advisory Committee Biographies
     Media Inquiries
     Round 1 Projects (2006-08)
         A Customized Care Plan for Breast Cancer Patients
         A PHR System for At-Risk Sedentary Adults
         Assisting Older Adults with Transitions of Care
         Chronic Disease Medication Management Between Office Visits
         Living Profiles: Transmedia Personal Health Record Systems for Young Adults
         My-Medi-Health: A Vision for a Child-focused Personal Medication Management System
         Personal Health Application for Diabetes Self-Management
         Personal Health Management Assistant
         Supporting Patient and Provider Management of Chronic Pain with PDA Applications Linked to Personal Health Records
     Round 2 Projects (2010-12)
         dwellSense (formerly Embedded Assessment)
         Estrellita (formerly FitBaby)
         iN Touch
     Observations of Daily Living
         ODL Data Set
         Project HealthDesign: Early Findings and Challenges Report
         Project HealthDesign: Technical Architectures and Implementations
         Health in Everyday Living
         The Need to Know: Addressing Concerns About Privacy and Personal Health Records
         A New Vision for Personal Health Records
         Project HealthDesign Round One Final Report
         Technical Architectures and Implementations Report
         Common Platform
         Health Policy Comments and Testimonies
         Regulatory/Assurance Group Resources
News Archive
     Round 1 (2006-08) Artifacts
     Round 2 (2010-12) Artifacts
     Common Platform Artifacts
     Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Group Artifacts
     Blog Archive
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Project HealthDesign is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation